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So  I have been living in Los Angeles for 3 months, pursuing acting, mostly. I got cast in my first project today and my first instinct was to try and nonchalantly post it to Facebook, however, I fucking hate it when people try to sound like they don’t care about things when they clearly do just so everyone else can pat them on the back. So, I figured why not use my new blog where no one will see, or very few strangers will see and I can still be excited!

Shit! I got cast for the first time in something, in Los Angeles! Finally!

How weird that I can’t say that on Facebook…. or could I?

Social laws fascinate me.


I Hate Studying

Ecology Quiz

I’m standin in these pajamas

Examin’ three exams and

cramin to understand it.

Have a vote, abandon notes.

My hand is rose, the poll’s unanimous.

Computer driven me bananas it’s,

got me in a panic

I wanna crack it, slam it,

And cause damage to the planet.

Sorry  to my Grand Kids

It’ just too much to manage.

Hand em  a mannish bandage and

abandon hope of ever havin’ a damn advantage.

My Friend Ben Takes Walks, I Tried It

Ben Walks

Crossin’ off a day shift, boss forgot the payment.

Hits are taken, eyes are shaded, pacin’ on the pavement.

Rockin my favorite playlist.

Socks in knotted skate kicks with opposite  flavored laces.

Imagination racin’ and takin off  just like a space ship.

Wastin’ away the topics and lost in lots of greatness.

Clockin’ off with awesome thoughts, it’s an awful lot to walk away with.

My Thought Process

So, I’m starting this blog. I’m sure my thought process here is nothing special, but the following is what you’re in for if you have stumbled across this page, which would be impressive because I don’t plan on clicking the big fancy “share” button anytime soon. I also created all new accounts in the Google so that hopefully it’s somewhat difficult to figure out who I am. I’m sure I’ve slipped up somewhere. Anyway, here we go.

I basically feel worthless. I mean I’m a nice enough person, I’m somewhat intelligent and I have quite a few good relationships, but at the end of the day I haven’t created anything. I want to create something. I want to create something that is validated by the outside world “by the masses” as they say. Yeah that’s right I want some validation from other people, I validate myself plenty, suck it.

Now since what you think clearly matters to me, and this is after all The Internet, I hope my attempt at anonymity will allow any ruthless 4chaners the insight to see that I’m not trying to be whiny. I really just needed a way to archive my life and my handwriting is awful so this is the next best thing to a journal.

In actuality I don’t see the point of a journal, to me a journal is nothing until someone else finds it, and takes that very exclusive step inside your mind. I don’t need to be reminded of what’s in my head, I’m already in there.

So here you go random stumbler, you found my journal. I left it on the front doorstep but still, you found it. While I’m still afraid of what you might see, by all means I want you to see it.

Here’s to this lasting more than three days.