Chicken – A battle rap


Chicken why’d you cross the road?


To get to the other side of traffic.

I’m sick of being a chicken and I wanna become a classic.

Like fuck being like all white meat I’m doing something drastic.

And fuck being regular this world won’t get the best of me,

 I had to be unique cause Colonel already had an original recipe.

So did I cross the road?

Like I’m on the other side sight seeing? Screaming “No chicken is like me!”

And “ Hell ya I got beef with beef tell the other white meat to come fight me!”

Tell History to re-write me until I get my name’s fame reversed

And make sure you tell the egg I fucked his mother and she definitely came first.

And Imma talk shit until your socks itch and your feet are filled with my pox, bitch.

I’m hot shit.

Got Hot chicks! Yeah, legs and thighs by the buckets.

Hella Gold chains for tough chicks with McNuggets.

Can’t touch this.

You think I’m jokin’ when I rubb-her?

You just choken under cover.

I know what your thinkin.

Like chiken you been drinken.

Go rinse off in the sink an’ get wasted.

Shit faced and basted.

Got your memory erased en shit.

I’m takin’ hits. Broiled, breaded and baked as shit!

bitch I’ll break your breast bone and take your wish!

Yeah I’m absurd.

Haven’t ya heard?

Abusrd Bird is the word!

Turn a hot two piece into thirds.

That’s right I’m a technical Fowl

Make two of me, you’ll get kicked the hell out.

I’m done clucking it’s time to get physical now.


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