Once upon a time there was a girl named Ida.

Little Ida couldn’t hide a smile when Little Steve would make a joke.
So Ida decides to sneak and leave a note inside of Steven’s coat.
And leave and hide and wait and hope, that little Steve received the note.
But what she didn’t know: Steve was stoked to read the note.
It was  more than he had hoped to see what she had wrote.
“Do you like me? Yes or Nope?”
Steven hesitated then decided just to check em both.

To shy to say “Hi” to Ida but Steve’s excited either way
and Ida mighta tried to hide her smile, when she looked the other day.
But Steve could see it either way, and today
at recess it was tag that he would play.

And day after day went by like this,
Playing Truth or Dare just to share a kiss.
During Hide and Seek they’d go and sneak inside the slide and hide in it all squished.
Both still to shy to try and talk cause they’re just being kids.
Still kids grow up, that’s what they do, its required to exist

And grown up kids, aren’t kids no more when life becomes to Hellish.
And girls will tell all sorts of  lies to try and make Ida selfish.
But Ida couldn’t be more selfless, leavin Steven’s girlfriends hella  jealous.
And Hella jealous girlfriends aren’t healthy for Steven’s wellness.
On graduation night Steven asks Ida if there’s homework she needed help with.

Ida can’t believe it, she’s like “Steven, I tutored you.”
“And school’s almost over, there’s no homework for you to do.”
“So let’s just go to dinner and maybe watch a movie too.”
“Sounds good to me” said Steve “I’ll pick you up just past a quarter to.”
This night was different, and in it’s difference came a whole new point of view.

They forgot about the clock and sat up late and talked.
As time went by they tried to lie but couldn’t shake it off.
He held her hips and kissed her lips and face an awful lot.
Till morning came, they laid awake, a little shy, a little lost.
Ida reminded Steven that it was graduation day, and it was time for him to walk.
In fact he was really late and they didn’t have time to even talk.

Ida stayed at home, and Steven lived in the dorm. They got online to talk.
Steve’s sorry for the time they’ve lost, and Ida’s on his mind a lot,
And it’s been nice to be so close to Ida, she’s the only real friend he’s got.
But now they rarely talk.
It’s been five years, and both of them have awful jobs.
Till Ida ran into Steven at the coffee shop.

They stopped and talked just like before, they never missed a beat.
But time was short and like before grown up Steven had to leave.
And in her eyes and heart it wasn’t hard for Steve to see.
Little Ida waving bye and crying, pleading  “ You were supposed to be with me.”


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